"Best 2k I Ever Spent!" Surprise! It's Your Birthday And We're Taking You To Dune!

by KENDRA SEAY · September 4, 2009

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    We've heard countless stories, seen endless amounts of photos and have even made a few trips ourselves to the AXE-tastic Southampton hot spot, Axe Lounge at Dune, but what better way to get the full experience than with a surprise birthday party for one of our very own. Especially since we're pretty sure there is no other way GofG's Carson Griffith would prefer to spend her birthday in the Hamptons than with giant sparklers, New York City DJ Nick Cohen, as much champagne as a birthday girl could ever wish for, her closest friends, co-workers, and this guy along with the huge crowd of man-spray wearing, fist pumping, rump shaking AXE Loungers.

    More photos below...