"Best 2k I Ever Spent!" The Sorority Tour Makes A Stop In Montauk To Say Hi To The Girls At Surf Lodge

by KENDRA SEAY · August 14, 2009

    [Bridget Gillogley, Bren, Jenna Hamel. All photos by Tony for Rob Rich] Singer/songwriter and California native Kelley James introduced a taste of his 2009 Sorority tour (not a college tour, a sorority tour, because apparently that's how he rolls) to the outdoor stage of Surf Lodge with producer Bren during Spin Magazine and Oakley concert series also including heart throb guitarist, Timmy Curran. Needless to say, the singer/producer duo and the ladies get along...Very well. They were a hit with the female concert-goers who couldn't get enough of the boys and their matching red T's while they got the party started at the popular Montauk chill spot as the talented singer impressed the crowd with his energetic acoustic set.

    More photos below...

    Bren, Kelley James

    Arthur Wright, Emily Schmitz, Danny Johnson

    Timmy Curran, Bren, Kelley James

    Rosie Rado, Marin Rado, Lee Rado