"Best $2K I Ever Spent!" Vuvuzeling At The Debbie Dayger And Other Words That Don't Exist

by SAMANTHA KANTOR · July 12, 2010

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    This past Saturday, our eyes were opened to the Debbie Dayger (see: day+rager) on Debbie Trail in Hampton Bays, where the main event was bros vuvuzeling beers and techno dance-offs in the rain. After being in attendance for five minutes, we realized that the party's jargon was not dictionary sound by any means, and found ourselves adopting terms that, well, don't exactly exist.

    These guys play twiddlesticks while a fellow bro vuvuzels like crazy in the background

    How many things are about to go down in this picture? We spot the making of a beer vuvuzela, one dude mackin' it, and a potential take down from above.

    This is the picture beside vuvuzeling in the dictionary. Look it up.

    Brewski showers in the pool...could it actually be raining men?

    The DJ attempts to satisfy the techno fever

    In the dictionary, see: symptoms of techno fever

    With a mouth full of beer on the right, you can guess what this scene looked like 2 seconds later.

    Yes...we're not sure what they call this either.