"Best 2k I Ever Spent!" Babysitting Your Parents For A Night Out In The Hamptons

by KENDRA SEAY · August 28, 2009

    [Photos by K. Doran for Rob Rich] A night out for your parents weekend-ing in the Hamptons might consist of a pleasant dinner out at Nick & Toni's, Trata, or Della Femina for cocktails and dinner before calling it a night. But moms and dads need to let loose every once in a while too, right? It is the summer and it is the Hamptons and everyone should spend a night or two going loco with friends, even if you're pushing 40...and then some. While Pink Elephant or Dune might be a little extreme ("No mom, the lights are supposed to flash on and off and that's Vodka they're chugging from the bottle, not water") Barracuda Bar at the Montauk Yacht Club made the perfect location for this no-kids-allowed group of Hamptonites who were spotted tearing it up by the bar and on the dance floor during the yacht club's weekly Friday night party featuring DJ Jeffrey Tonnesen.

    More photos below...