Busted! Cops Crack Down On The Underage Crowd At Jue Lan Club

by Grace Gill · July 6, 2016

    Restaurant-club owner Stratis Morfogen's worst nightmare came true when the police showed up to bust underage partygoers inside Elm & Main this past weekend. Talk about July 4th gone wrong. Jue Lan Club, the new hot spot in Southampton, includes a restaurant serving upscale Chinese cuisine, an art gallery featuring world-renowned artists, and Elm & Main, a nightclub that is meant to target the 30 and older crowd. Apparently, the youngsters like it too.

    While the debacle was kept largely hush hush, our inside source out East told us that on Friday night the police showed up to bust and raid the space, which was filled with a number of underage cool kids. Somehow they were able to keep the shenanigans under wraps and opened again on Saturday for a killer night with up-and-coming DJ Alex Talarico.

    Jue Lan, which was actually started by 14 Chinese artists in Shanghai in 1932, was something of a secret society. Morfogen explained, "cutting edge Western art not exactly being popular with the Chinese authorities at the time, they would sneak off to Paris with forged papers, put themselves in jeopardy, risked being imprisoned or executed when they returned home." 

    Needless to say, the Hamptons hot spot, and sister to the New York location, is keeping up with tradition; a place where rules are broken and debauchery continues. Now who's up for crackin' open a $27,000 bottle of rosé?

    [Photo via @juelanclub]