DJ Cassidy Is Next Up To Take On AXE Lounge: Whose Man Musk Smells Better? His Or Nick Cannon's?

by KENDRA SEAY · June 4, 2009

    [DJ Cassidy. Photo via PMc] Our GofG readers picked AXE Lounge as their favorite Memorial Day Weekend Hotspot and now the club is working over time to deliver AXE-tastic weekends all summer long. Last Friday, they brought in sorta cool Nick Cannon and we hear DJ Cassidy is next up to brave the haze of man spray while taking over the turn tables. The highly sought-after celebrity DJ has spun for parties thrown by Russell Simmons, Jay-Z, Naomi Campbell, Diddy, J-Lo, Oprah, and even President Obama.

    Now, Cassidy is trading in moguls, rap superstars, and presidents to take on the growing cloud of musk that is spreading over AXE Lounge and their hit weekends in Southampton. He'll be in town Friday and Saturday of next weekend so make sure to stop by on June 12th and 13th and see who's man musk smells better, his or Nick Cannon's. Your guess is as good as ours.