Introducing The "Behind The Velvet Ropes" Feature

by Stanely Stuyvesant · May 27, 2009

    [Pink Elephant, Southampton on Saturday night. Photo by Rob Rich]

    Stanley loves getting reader's emails.  His favorite? The juicy stories that happen when the sun goes down.  Take for instance the story below, sent to him this weekend from a loyal reader.  Instead of keeping all of these stories to himself, he has decided that he would like to share them with other readers and has asked me to create a new column specifically for this purpose.  Well, I've seen what happens when Stanley doesn't get what he wants-and it's not pretty. So, listen up everyone! Do you have a story that is so good it just has to be shared from your nights out east? Send it to so that he can share it on his new feature" Behind the Velvet Ropes!"  On to the first installment.... Email from a disappointed reader [Pink Elephant]:

    "Man - what a bad night.

    first of all I have to tell you that it's sad that this place wasn't even close to being full on Sunday night. And had our cruise director done the right thing and left, taking our crew (close to 70 people) with him, it would've been really dead. Anyway, we reserved a bunch of tables and showed up and still got the behind the rope treatment. The door dude hand picked who could come in. And after waiting for almost 30 minutes we asked what the deal was (because we knew from a bunch of our friends were already inside that the place was a bit empty) and the guy told us it was because it was at capacity. But then we informed him that we knew it was empty and he said, "we have an certain image to uphold here and some of you don't fit that image." My friend then said, "it's me isn't it? it's because i'm too fat." And the guy said, "yes." (so he didn't actually go out and say it first, but he implied it and then she called him out on it and he agreed)