Julian Marley To Play Surf Lodge: Gofg To Stalk

by Adam Bertrand · May 23, 2008

    Surf Lodge Julian Marley

    [Image via Cace International]

    The Surf Lodge ain't no bottle-serviced banker-fest, but its weekend Memorial Day bash is shaping up to be one of the weekend's most exclusive. Sunday, Julian Marley will inaugurating the joint's Snow Queen Vodka Concert Series --we hope he plays All Night! If you can't wait that long, there's always the soulful croons of England's new R&B princess Estelle, who'll be alighting on Lily Pond via helicopter. Not in the mood for live music? Maybe Pink Elephant, where ANTMs Jaslene will be blowing out the candles on a bikini shaped birthday cake (and, we hope, eating some of it), is more your style. Not so much? Try the Star Room, where DJ AM will be spinning away Scores of memories of celebrations past...