Moby Loves Surf Lodge Too!

by Stanely Stuyvesant · August 25, 2008

    moby at surf lodge [Photos by Rob Rich]

    Even Moby loves Montauk's new hotspot, Surf Lodge.  I was so happy to read this article on chef Sam Talbot in the New York Times last Friday.  Sam, and the entire Surf Lodge team, deserve all of the respect in the world.  As far as the locals and others that claim the place is ruining the vibe of Montauk, I say be happy.  Where else in town can you go see Moby, The English Beat, and Bebel Gilberto all in one weekend FOR FREE?!?!  Also, it's the most unpretentious hot-spot out east.  Kid friendly, laid back, and sans velvet rope, I'm just not sure what more people want in a place?  Take it from the Moby lovers below and "chill out", it's summer time!

    moby at surf lodgemoby at surf lodgeTaylor Mackall