Pink Elephant Unable To Renew Lease At The Capri Hotel, Said To Be Leasing Tavern

by guestofaguest · May 19, 2008

    The Capri[Photo via The Beach]

    After having blowout success the past two summers at their Capri Hotel location, Pink Elephant was unable to renew their lease this summer. Initially, the increased revenues provided by Pink"s presence were welcomed heartily by Capri"s owner, however, with the expansion of the club"s footprint into the outside pool area, the added noise and disturbance posed a significant problem. Hotel guests were being kept up till the wee hours of the morning by the thumping baseline of Bob Sinclair"s "Love Generation" and late night revelers. It was too much of a party scene that alienated other hotel guests.

    As a result, this summer, Pink could only get a lease on the inside space of Capri, a room way too small to house enough people to compete with the likes of Dune. In response, Pink has scooped up the Tavern lease, previously occupied by Stereo by the Shore last summer (Mike Satsky).

    Tavern, once a marvelous space in early 2000s when it was owned by the Von Broock brothers, it has since had its ups and downs. Part of the problem is that in order to get any type of energy in the space, you need upwards of 600 people, a number that almost certainly erases any vibe of exclusivity and can quickly devolve into a B+T meatmarket. Pink will be fighting these factors as they deal with this new space, and have to improvise what was once a very successful formula.