RDV Aims to Take Hamptons Nightlife to the Promised Land

by BRITTA LOFGREN · May 24, 2010

    Though many natives argue that Hamptons nightlife may be DOA this summer (and the last, and the one before that...), the folks from Manhattan hot spot RDV may be just the savior needed to resurrect a suffering summer club scene.

    The Van Broocks crew have taken over (again) formerly owned Southampton space Tavern, and teamed up with folks at RDV to, according to Club Planet, SAVE HAMPTONS NIGHTLIFE!  Hoping the space will become a Hamptons staple for years to come, RDV may be a professional team, and of course we look forward to causing a ruckus like they do in NYC, but presenting RDV as our only hope is a little overdramatic, no? We foresee many a spectacular headline..

    "Jesus who?  RDV Reveals Itself as the Real Messiah!"

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