RIP Moby's: The East Hampton Staple Will Not Return This Summer

by Christie Grimm · March 3, 2017

    Everyone knows that weekends in the Hamptons follow a certain social schedule. Friday nights at Moby's. Saturday nights at Surf Lodge. Or, for those of you willing to be a bit more honest with yourselves, Friday nights at Moby's. Saturday nights standing outside of Surf Lodge. 

    Yet it seems the routine of yore is about to see a major switch up, as all too sadly we must report, Moby's will not be coming back for the season. In its place will be Eleven Madison Park's pop-up. And while one can't argue that that's a definite food upgrade, still must we mourn the loss of those late summer nights crowding around picnic tables under twinkle lights, searching the room for the next familiar, non-Winklevoss face (seriously, those guys were all over that place every which way you looked). 

    But alas, life goes on. And so we must ask, who exactly will take the Friday night title? While we'd say your guess is as good as ours. Let's be real. It probably isn't. 

    While some might look to Crow's Nest, with an ample lawn to mingle - we'd say it's a bit too far out in Montauk to grab the same crowd from East Hampton, Wainscott and Amagansett. That's no cheap cab ride to mull around only to realize you don't know anyone in the crowd.

    Stephen's Talkhouse, Ruschmeyer's, Navy Beach. All stand a fighting chance.

    All we're saying is sure, summer may feel a ways away, but the early worm gets the bird. So don't come crying to us when it's Memorial Day weekend and your friends are all spread out, hopelessly looking for each other in completely different places. These things take strategy!