Tag-Team Summer '08: Let The Games Begin!

by Stanely Stuyvesant · June 6, 2008

    [Line outside Pink Elephant-Capri, Summer '07]

    So last season, we came up with a fun little game called "tag-team summer" where we not only profiled all the big city player's venues out east, but we tried to give an unbiased recount of status. Team Pink ended up taking home the gold. However, this year, things are looking to be a different story. So far Dune Southampton has brought the best parties and players (granted it's only been two weeks in). With a team of all the city's finest promoters and people like Leo D stopping in to say hi (not to mention Katy Perry hosting the party this Saturday), they are THE TEAM to beat...However, it's still June, and, with the long summer ahead of us, things could swing any way. Let's take a look at the other contenders:

    Team GoldBar/Cain debuting their player: Surf Lodge, 183 Edgemere St., Montauk....for only $350 a night you can drive a ways to try and miss the hoopla of the central hamptons party crowd and hang out with people like Julian Marley outside at your bonfire next to a lake whilst you dine on hottie Sam Talbots' dishes.

    Team PM/Stereo debuting their player: Lily Pond 44 Three Mile Harbor Road, East Hampton...Another night spot (in the old Resort Spot) that is a bit of a hike to get to. Could be a positive if you are again trying to escape the main stream. With a little more of a grassroots feel, this could be good for those looking to try something different.

    Team TenJune/Pink Elephant debuting their player: La Playa 125 Tuckahoe Road (off route 27), Southampton...Pink may have lost their outdoor space at Capri (the hotspot the last 2 years counting), but right down the road they have taken over Tavern's old space, and with a loyal following and 10,000 sq feet to work with, they are sure to be popping hundreds of their signature firecracker champagne bottles this summer, plus it was good enough for Whitney Port to host her season opening party with Social Life Magazine at.

    Just like always, and especially because I'm somewhat of a party pooper on the weekends, it's up to you guys to keep us posted on what's going on. Who had the hottest crowd, the best DJ, and the coolest vibe each weekend....we will be tallying up along the way!