The 2010 GofG Picks For Best Hamptons Bars

by guestofaguest · August 6, 2010

    Who doesn't love coming home after a night out at a Hamptons club, drenched in champagne and already dreading the imminent Sunday morning hangover?  Well, when you're looking to keep your designer duds dry and be in bed by 2 AM, we've got you covered, no matter what your preferred style or Hampton...


    Montauk - The Surf Lodge

    The Rundown: Come lounge along the outdoor deck, overlook the water as the sun sets in the horizon, cozy up to someone around the bonfire, or just lose yourself in one of the jumbo screen surf videos. It's completely acceptable to come after a day at the beach with sand in your hair and a sun-kissed tan. The Surf Lodge encompasses the true definition of "surfer-chill" with live music and colorful cocktails at moderate (by NYC standard) prices.

    The Crowd: A great mix of people - young, older, casual, dressy - even midwestern hottie Josh Hartnett was spotted here drinking a beer by the bonfire.

    Tip: Come early for dinner and watch the sunset.

    The Door: No hassle, aside from a few busy Saturday nights.

    Beware: Bar closes at 11 PM on weekdays.

    Info: 183 Edgemere Street; Montauk, NY 11954 (P: 631-668-2632)

    Southampton - Madame Tong's Redeux

    The Rundown: Though considered more of a lounge, Madame Tong's Redeux doesn't reach the fist-pump levels of Dune, so we still decided to include it on this list. The setting is very reminiscent of a 90's prom after-party, with random dance-offs and people singing along to all the top 40 hits. As an anonymous Hamptonite told GofG: "The place is known for being able to meet people and socialize, then recruiting them to continue the party at a Southampton nightclub." Good luck to this guy....

    The Crowd: Varies, but is usually a fun crowd. However, it is quite common to see plenty of cougars and **dinosaurs with dates half their age. (**for definition of Dinosaur see the Ke$ha album).

    Tip: It's a great Friday night spot to grab appetizers and cocktails. The place gets going at around 11:30 PM.

    The Door: No bouncer behind a velvet rope, cover charge or bottle service requirement.

    Beware: If your looking for great food, good service, or cheap drinks this is not your place. But if you're willing to settle for an all-around decent place...that falls somewhere between bar and nightclub...then this is your spot.

    Info: 256 Elm Street; Southampton, NY 11968

    Shelter Island - Sunset Beach

    The Rundown: If your craving a little St. Tropez in your Hamptons weekend, take the South Ferry from Sag Harbor to Sunset Beach and drink a glass (or bottle...or two...) of Rose while watching the sunset.  And the sunset isn't the only thing worth watching at this beachside bar - with a genuinely European vibe, the people-watching is fantastic as well.

    The Crowd: The jet set getting drunk.

    Tip: Sundays are by far the best day to go.

    The Door: Pretentious. They may look you up and down with an assessing eye, but they'll still let you in.

    Beware: The spot is 95% outdoors, so steer clear when the weather looks ominous. It's a longgggg way home.

    Info: 35 Shore Road: Shelter Island, NY 11965

    [Baudelaire, Bikini Babes And Bulldogs: GofG Does Shelter Island's Sunset Beach]

    Hampton Bays - The Drift

    The Rundown: The Drift is a good Saturday night option, though again we find ourselves blurring the line between bar and club.  The crowd is 100% bar...but we can't guarantee you won't see some fist-pumps. There's really only one word to describe The Drift: FRATTY. Think Spring Break...drunk girls screaming every word to every song and guys shotgunning Buds in the corner. It's usually a good time as long as you go with the right people and an open mind.

    * Please note that we are not advocating the Neptunes "Strong Island" daytime party scene.  We do not promote the GTL lifestyle. Not in the Hamptons, at least...

    The Crowd: Looking around everyone seems like they are under the age of 25, but we could be wrong.

    Tip: Do not wear nice things, you will definitely get drinks spilled on you. Also, if you have a low tolerance for drunks when sober, be sure to drink beforehand.

    The Door: It gets insanely packed so go early or be prepared to wait in line.  Well, either way, you should probably be prepared to wait in line.

    Beware: Bring lots of cash - no credit cards accepted. Oh, and also beware of the drunks puking in the parking lot.

    Info: 63 Dune Road; East Quogue, NY 11942

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    Amagansett/East Hampton: - The Stephen Talkhouse

    Rundown: Go to the one and only Talkhouse for some live music and cheesy atmosphere. The dive has two bars, a small stage and a dance floor. It's always very crowded - drinks are spilled everywhere and the crowd (dressed appropriately in pastel Vineyard Vines attire, pearls, and boat shoes) is usually on the dance floor jumping up and down to 80's music. Some people even say it smells like heaven.

    The Crowd: Talkhouse aficionados and smokeshows.

    Tip: On your way out grab a hot dog or some dumplings from the food stand.  Definitely one of our top picks for drunk food in the Hamptons.

    The Door: Usually a long line and admission is $25, but no worries about ratio or any of that B.S.

    Beware: If you went to a Top 50 university, you're guaranteed to see someone you know.

    Info: 161 Main Street; Amagansett NY 11937 (P: 631-267-3117)

    So there you have it. The 2010 guide to bars in the Hamptons. No matter where you may be, from east to west, we have great places to start any night off right.  And yes...we say start because we know how you Hamptonites tick...planning for a "laid-back night" then ending up falling down on Tuckahoe Road at 4am wondering how you even got to RdV in the first place.  Hey, we understand.  For tips on where to end your night, check out the 2010 GofG Guide to Hamptons Nightclubs HERE.