"The Best 2K I Ever Spent" The IVY Bus Takes On Montauk Highway Once Again

by CARSON GRIFFITH · July 16, 2009

    [Jared Flint, Amanda Dunn, Emerson Barth, Xiyin Tang, Julie Van Daele. Photos courtesy of STEVEN ROJAS]

    You can come by plane, train or helicopter but there is no better way to get to the Hamptons these days than by The IVY's party bus, leaving out of Soho every other Saturday and heading non-stop to their parties at Sole East in Montauk. Only thing is, $2k isn't what you need to get on this bus - it's VIP status only. Knowing the right people is the key, and keeping your fingers crossed tightly for that e-vite to show up in your inbox is just as important.

    More story and photos below...

    Because who wants to be stuck with those losers on the Jitneys you're passing when you have a fully stocked bus of Tecantes, an open fire-escape to the outside world, and a mobile booze bash full of a sampling of NYC's most talented people... all just there for the party? Oh, and the free ride to Montauk of course. But how is one supposed to find out more details about this thing if they seem to be keeping the whole operation so hush-hush? We'd advise checking out @TheIvyGroup's Twitter account for updates.

    Even if you can't snag yourself a seat on the bus, you'll at least have yourself a laugh - they're good at pumping out some good twit-pics and videos while they're at it. Also down for the ride: Amanda Dunn, Emerson Barth, Creed Poulson, Jared Flint, Lauren Kondor, Julie Van Daele, Gregory Lynch, Tess Brokaw, Matthew Krauthamer, Xiyin Tang, Steven Rojas, GofG Hamptons, and about 15 lucky others.

    Steven Rojas, Amanda Dunn

    The Ivy Group brings the party AND the DJ... Gregory Lynch.

    Wide-eyed and rearing to go, GofG Hamptons: Carson Griffith, Kendra Seay, Kristin Luciano

    Xiyin Tang

    Didn't anyone ever teach you not to stand on the roof of a moving vehicle, Mr. Rojas?