The Harbor Club And Dune: The Next Kelly Vs. Bethenny?

by CARSON GRIFFITH · May 26, 2009

    [Photos via Rob Rich]

    Here's one way to get rid of the competition: Call the fire marshal on them. Or at least that's what neighboring clubs apparently did to The Harbor Club (Ziggy's by day), according to the people at the door of the successful new venue, that just had their opening weekend. Who can blame them? The club had a top notch crowd Friday night and Nick Cohen was spinning on Sunday. Fortunately for The Harbor Club, located in Bridgehampton, the place wasn't at capacity when the fire marshal showed up Saturday AND Sunday, so the doors stayed open - even if they needed to turn down the music a notch or two. So who's the winner in this fight? We're going to have to go with The Harbor Club on this one. Sorry Dune, playing dirty isn't going to get you anywhere - or get you the competition's patrons. See you at The Harbor Club next weekend!

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