Get Low: The Many Ways To Grind

by Anna Lombardi · August 10, 2011

    We all started doing it back in middle school, and since then, we know we are in for a night (and a rough morning) when we start whipping it out. It is the dance move we all love and hate: the grind.

    I never really realized just how many ways there were to grind until looking back on our most recent photo album from Escape To New York. From the standard, to the dirty, to the sandwich, and more check out the many faces of grinding! Which one is your favorite?

    The Standard Grind

    Sweaty and slightly awkward this is a great example of my 7th grade homecoming dance, accept I had more clothes on. As far as the grind goes, this is pretty much as basic as it gets.

    I am not sure which facial expression I love more, his classic aggressive grind face or her fake shocked reaction to his aggressiveness.

    The Dirty Grind

    Such form! Look at that bro using materials outside of his grind participant to perfect the dirty grind. A real art form, the grind moves from standard to dirty once one, or both dance partners keep their grind form tight and drop it down low to the flo'.

    I don't need to see the bottom half of this picture to know that this chick is getting her dirty grind on her male dance partner, his face says it all...

    Sandwich Grind

    Things start getting tricky when the grind takes on an extra party. Back in middle school days you knew he just was not that into you if you got the back end of the grind train, but the game changes a little bit with age. For example, this picture doesn't show the girl to the right getting rejected, as much as it shows the kid in the middle might have stumbled into a dream three some...

    Their positioning, faces and obvious alcohol consumption lets us know that these three are about to partake in the sandwich any minute now...

    Double Leg Grind

    Wow, this kid really knows how to grind. See what I was saying about the girl in the back of the grind sandwich not being rejected, she went from the end to now having her own leg! Way to share the love brother.

    Grind Train

    I am sorry, who is blue shorts? I would like to give him a pro-grinder award. In a sequence of photographs he has single handedly shown perfect grind progression. Welcome to the Grind Train, this is what happens when two different parties of grinding merge into one long train. The pointer over there on the right was perfectly content with the chick in the white shirt giving him the standard grind, but things went to a whole new level when blue shorts brought his double leg party in on there good time.... GRIND TRAIN!