Tips For Getting Past That Door(wo)man

by Stanely Stuyvesant · July 3, 2008

    Line Outside Pink Elephant [Line outside Pink Elephant, Capri last Saturday. Photo by Rob Rich]

    Here's an oldie but a goodie...last year we posted on the importance of getting to know your door(wo)man for entry into those hot clubs you kids are dying to let loose in. While the names of some of these places and door guards have changed, the locations are still the same, and the concepts will stand up the test of time for years to come:

    1. Don't name drop the name Rachel Uchitel to Rachel Uchitel at the door of Dune: Her favorite line is "Rachel told me to come by." "Dude," she says, "I'm Rachel, and that's the most idiotic thing you can say." This season: Just substitute Rich Thomas in for Rachel. We have even heard that line dropped outside Dune two weekends ago.

    2. Don't roll up with six guys (must keep a good ratio!), or ask Michealangelo L'Acqua at Dune if he knows who your daddy is:"If you roll up with six guys, chances are I won't let you in unless you're willing to spend money for a table. I don't like baseball caps or fraternity looks. For girls, I like it light and beachy, not a lot of makeup." L'Acqua's least favorite gambit: "Do you know who my dad is? Seriously this is the stupidest thing you can do. Take turns going out guys and take one for the team every now and then by STAYING HOME and saving your cash.

    3. Just be "cool" and Binn Jakupi will let you in the door at Stereo: "People will say, 'I'm Domenico Dolce's cousin. I own this hotel,'" he says. "I don't care what you own. If someone is cool and I want to take care of them, I take care of them." This season it's La Playa and I'm sure the coolness factor is still applicable.

    4. Don't ask Alexander Julian at the door of Pink Elephant if he knows who you are, and for God's sake don't wear flip flops: Julian's least favorite opener is "Do you know who I am?" "If you're poorly dressed in flip-flops and khakis," says the straight shooter at Pink Elephant, "you're not getting in." In my opinion this is ridiculous. If you want to wear flip flops, wear them, this is the HAMPTONS not Palm Beach after all...Just head to Surf Lodge if that is the kindof laid back mood you're in.

    5. Bring your "elegant casual" game to Bey Archer if you want in at Starroom: he doesn't ban flip-flops. Archer says he's looking for "elegant casual." Starroom is closed this year, word is not yet out on whether it's replacement is looking for the same elegant casual-oh wait...there IS no replacement.

    There's always the $2K that you could drop for a table and just make everyone's life easier.