What's In A Name: Sloppy Tuna

by Kyle Langan · August 11, 2011

    Without a doubt, the new kid on the nightlife block this year was the Sloppy Tuna, and though some locals may not be in approval of the name, it is the name in fact that has brought in more business this summer than its predecessor Nick's did. Everybody's got Sloppy Tuna on the brain...

    It is the name...that, let's be honest, makes it even funnier when you find out that Charlie Sheen hangs out there.  Whether the rumors that he knows the owner are true or not, this guy is drawn to sloppy tunas nationwide, and Montauk's very own was no exception.

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    It is the name...that allows such tomfoolery and bizarre antics like Elvis-impersonating midgets to jump up on the bar and pour alcohol down people's throats, and it's perfectly acceptable.

    It is the name...that commands bar-goers to form a "T" with their arms and shout "Tu-na! Tu-na! Tu-na!"  Face it Nick, no one was shouting your name in such haughty drunken unison last summer.

    It is the name...that has triggered our very own movement calling for everyone to submit their best renditions of what a sloppy tuna face should look like.  And they're awesome.

    It is the name...that reputation unknown, draws young, vacationing fun-seekers to it.  You can't be under the age of 30, hanging out in Montauk, and not be a little curious to check out the goings-on at a bar with such a name.

    It is the name...of the SUMMER! The place is bringing fun to the partiers and revenue for the town.  Everyone's happy.  Money talks in the Hamptons, so even if the locals are less than thrilled, it's hard to argue when they know they'll have bread come the frigid month of February, thanks in part at least, to the Sloppy Tuna's popularity.

    Drink up tuna lovers, drink up.