What's The Real Deal With The Harbor Club?

by Stanely Stuyvesant · May 29, 2009

    [Photos by ROB RICH] Rumors today have it that the Harbor Club, the newest player in nightlife land out East, is taking their crew and moving to The Georgica. After the Fire Marshal busted their party last weekend and discovered they had no license to be there, we assumed they wouldn't be in the same space, but were (and are) confident that David Marino, Ben Grieff and James Cruickshank would get their act together and figure out where to take the party.  These are the guys responsible for much of the success of places like Bellas in the city, Dune, and Stereo back in the day. Wherever they end up, the prep schoolers and DJ Nick Cohen fans are sure to follow. But, it's NOT going to be at the Georgica. But don't take it from us, take it from The Georgica's Matt Levine...

    "I was sorry to hear about Harbor Club, that's unfortunate,  it sounded like an exciting project with a lot of potential, I was looking forward to check it out, those guys do a great job in creating a great atmosphere and environment, but right now there is no truth to "Harbour Club" moving to The Georgica, although I do wish them the best of luck, and I am sure where ever they move, they will bring out a great crowd."

    Cheers to that. Waiting on the official word as to where Team Harbor Club is moving their herd this weekend, but you can be sure to find out when and where that OFFICIAL place will be on GofG, straight from the horse's mouth. And now, check out the photos from the first and only weekend the Harbor Club took over Ziggy's from the Hamptons expert Rob Rich:

    UPDATE: The confusion continues but we just received word directly from Harbor Club's Jocelyn Levy that Harbor Club is in fact headed to the Georgica for Friday nights! Naturally, we immediately contacted Matt Levine for a response in which he confirmed that Harbor Club will in fact be a part of the Georgica's Friday night family.