Where All The Cool Kids Are Hanging Out In The Hamptons

by Christie Grimm · July 1, 2019

    Wondering where all the cool kids in the Hamptons are hanging out? Well it's not Surf Lodge. And it's not Crow's Nest. 

    It's The Clubhouse in East Hampton.

    And yes, by 'cool kids,' I did mostly mean kids, as in children. But hear me out!

    I dare you not to have a considerably better time at this place than any other spot out East. There's a nice big bar, where you don't have to plow through people and wave money in the air to get a bartender’s attention. There's live music every weekend. There's bowling, pool, corn hole, darts, plush chesterfield sofas, and, what I consider the true pièce de résistance, an arcade.

    I'm here to tell you your totally understandable vision of tripping over screaming sticky children is incorrect. Well, it's probably correct if you go before 10PM, but after then, it's bedtime, and this place is an adult haven of good old fashioned family friendly fun. What better nightcap could there be than an aggressively competitive game of air hockey or skee ball?

    Legitimately, I go here at least one night every weekend and spend a minimum of $30 on arcade games.

    So grab your crew, and ditch the line at Talkhouse. You're welcome.

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