Conor Kennedy Partied So Hard He Cracked His Windshield

by Guest of A Guest · July 27, 2020

    This Saturday saw the first semi-exciting social event of The Hamptons season - a drive-in Chainsmokers concert in Water Mill. With tickets to the music fundraiser not exactly cheap, 'twas the usual crowd of out East rich kids staying at their parents homes.

    One such partier? Conor Kennedy. Taylor Swift's ex-bad boy boyfriend was in The Hamptons celebrating his birthday this weekend alongside close friends like Andrew Warren and Renée Willett. And the aftermath of their big night out was just the entertainment we needed!

    The first shocking thing the party snaps revealed? The famously brown shaggy haired heartbreaker is now blonde. And let's just say that it doesn't exactly look like a professional job. 

    Second, throughout the evening, he sported a gold floral headband. Definitely more Coachella than Hamptons, but you know, we're just going to see this one as just evidence of him being a sweet, sensitive, hair accessories kind of guy.

    Third, as it was a drive-in concert, Conor and his friends spent the evening partying in their parking spot, dancing around and on top of his car. While I know nothing about cars, I'm pretty sure that this one isn't the usual rich kid just-because Range Rover gift or parent hand-me-down Mercedes. It's giving off major down-to-Earth vibes, which we are very here for.

    Lastly, in a story from the morning after, Andrew revealed the sad state of Conor's Prince Charming carriage. A windshield broken in multiple spots, a Chainsmokers pass still hanging from the rear view mirror, two slices of pizza and what appears to be possibly a white bunched up shirt stuck in the windshield wipers.

    In the imagined words of his father RFK Jr. upon seeing this, "This is why you can't have nice things..."

    Ah, to be young and irresponsible!

    [Photos via @adwarren]