Is Tiffany Trump Already Over Law School?

by guestofaguest · September 5, 2017

    Well, it would appear that's not not the case. Spotted this Saturday evening suspiciously far away from the Georgetown campus, Tiffany glided her way into the Surf Lodge out in Montauk. Escorted by secret service agents donning earpieces and baseball caps - you know, to blend in with all the other old men with earpieces and baseball caps - Tiffany sure is giving her detail a fun summer. Though their miserable looking faces seemed not to appreciate her company, forced to follow a twenty-something year old around, and keep her safe in between Instagrams.

    But we digress. Like all totally-serious, didn't-only-get-in-on-their-last-name, down-to-business law students, Tiffany's not spending her first weekend as an aspirational esquire getting ahead on her reading, staking her claim at the library, or sharpening her pencils - she's partying it up, some 350 miles away from school.

    Ever the inconspicuous Barbie, Tiffany's bubble gum pink bomber jacket and rowdy crew sure did help her skirt under the radar...

    Alas, one has to wonder just how long this Legally Blonde moment will last.

    (To make completely explicit, in this analogy, the role of Warren, Elle's unrequited love interest, the reason she even enrolls in law school to begin with, is obviously her father.)

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