NYC Rich Kid Destroys $5 Million Hamptons Home After Drug-Fueled Break-In

by Stephanie Maida · June 7, 2018

    Well if that isn't the most unsurprising headline of the week.

    This morning it was reported that 19-year-old Manhattan rich kid, Conor Harkins, the son of a managing partner at the law firm Harkins Kovler, was found passed out on the front lawn of an East Hampton estate once owned by Good Morning America's George Stephanopoulos. The teen had apparently overdosed following a drug-fueled break-in of the home, causing $10,000 worth of damage to the interior by breaking down the front door, flipping tables, shattering windows, and ripping the place the shreds.

    Upon discovering Harkins, the police administered Narcan, used to treat opioid overdoses, to revive him. He was then arrested and released on $5,000 cash bail (paid by his family, natch).

    So, WTF happened?!

    On Thursday evening, Harkins had joined a group of post-prom revelers on a bus from Manhattan to the Hamptons for an after-party at the $9 million home of investment banker Marc Spilker, who made headlines after receiving a $48.9 million payout after leaving Goldman Sachs to become the president of Apollo Global Management in 2010. The bash, hosted by his high school age daughter, seems to have gotten out of hand. According to the Daily Mail, Harkins started acting strangely at around 6 am and his friends advised him to get an Uber home. During the ride, however, he jumped out of the car and hopped the fence of 20 Dunemere Lane, proceeding to ransack the property which was vacant during the incident.

    Harkins is now facing two felony charges for burglary with intent to commit a crime and criminal mischief, as well as a misdemeanor for trespassing. He attended the all-boys Browning School on the Upper East Side and is now enrolled at Hamilton College. Not for long, we're sure.

    [Photos via Curbed, Facebook]