The Randolph & GofG Host A Rainy Day Pool Party At Sole East

by CARSON GRIFFITH · June 23, 2009

    [From middle to right: Hari "Handsome" Kalyan, Steven Rojas]

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    For our first of many parties of the summer, we co-hosted a pool party at Sole East with The Randolph this past Saturday. One problem: The rain. However, that didn't stop party-goers from enjoying the drinks, music and even a few brave souls from getting in Sole East's heated pool. In fact, one week-ender even informed us the water temperature was at a balmy 85 degrees. While that almost made us wish we had brought along our suits (almost), we kept dry and warm with Sole East's inside area, umbrellas and their strong drinks. Of course, a crowd like this doesn't let a little drizzle keep them from going long and hard. The party, which went from 11-9, included everything from dogs to plastic swords to... The Randolph's own Handsome Hari's yellow pants. We were big, big fans. And it seems everyone was a fan of the party too. One things for certain: A party at Sole East always seems to be a big hit. We can't wait for the next one.

    Carson Griffith, Kendra Seay, Steven Rojas, Carol Han, JT White

    Steven Rojas, Carson Griffith

    JT White, Carol Han

    Carson Griffith, Hari "Handsome" Kalyan, Kendra Seay