"Polo Fashion Is About Being Able To Wear What You Really Want To Wear Other Places Where It Doesn't Work. Paisley's Great. It's In Season, It Breathes Well, It Feels Good."

by SAMANTHA KANTOR · July 19, 2010

    -Justin Ross Lee, rockin' in-flight paisley

    Gearing up for this summer's Polo season (and, of course, Polo fashion), we simply had to dive into the archives to see what advice the prominent Hamponities had about Polo fashion. Clearly, JRL had his own opinion about his fave style to sport during the season, which is, not surprisingly, paisley prints. When corrected during the Plum TV interview by correspondent, Nick Leighton, that paisley could not 'feel good' because it is indeed not a fabric, JRL confidently reiterated, "But it feels fantastic!" We'll see if he stays true to his word this summer and hope to catch him feeling fantastic in paisley during the 2010 season!

    [Photo via Facebook]