Why buy the most expensive home in the Hamptons when you can get an entire island off the North Shore for less?

Behold Dosoris Island, a lush hideaway originally owned by legendary banker J.P. Morgan's grandson, Junius Morgan. For the third time in its 100-year history, the 46-acre compound is up for sale. And with its six homes, horse stables, and private dock, $125 million sounds like quite the steal.

Although the stunning grounds designed by Frederick Law Olmsted (you know, the landscaper who helped create Central Park?) are a breathtaking addition, the island's main attraction is most definitely the Manor House. Built by the Morgan scion in 1919, it's a Gatsby-esque throwback to the past with excellently preserved interiors. Stately mahogany and marble accents, nine bedrooms, and a dining room that seats 100 - what more can a socialite ask for?

Besides the Manor, the property hosts the Creek House, the Pond House, and three cottages. After the tragic assassination of JFK, Jackie Kennedy rented one of the homes on the island for a much-needed summertime escape.

The land has since been owned by coal magnate John Samuels and well-to-do socialite Margo Walker. Are you next?

[Photos via Sotheby's International Realty]