From Dance-Floor Makeouts To Hamptons' House Hos? Today's Lesson: "The Power Is In The Pad"

by Annie Rooney · August 11, 2011

    The Post published quite an honest piece shedding some light on the reality love situation out here in the Hamptons. You haven't heard the new motto? Well, honey "find a guy with a home and date him." My first question: what definition of dating are we using here?

    Hubba Hubba... I'm in love. [Photo via]

    Apparently, women from their early 20s and upwards into their 30s have established a new stereotype: The Hamptons' House Ho. Basically an older version of your preppy college LAX-titute, these women flaunt their goods for some sexy time at any lavish Hamptons abode they can shack up in. Seriously.

    This guy has the right idea...

    Cass Almendral and his $4 million Southampton farmhouse know from experience. At 50 years old, he's had no problem inviting women right off the train in from New York over for a fun time. “They weren’t hookers," he clarified, "they got by through the kindness of strangers...they see the Hamptons as an adventure that’s also a safe, luxurious experience," he told The Post. And at what point of their adventure did you hear them say that?

    So men are not complaining (obviously) but more what's more shocking is that our favorite Millionaire Matchmaker, Bravo's Patti Stanger, isn't either. She said it's "ok" if it's a friends with benefits thing but warns "a user never gives you anything."

    Well then, what to take away from this eye opening feature? Both guys and gals can learn something. Men, advertise and market Mommy and Daddy's Hamptons estate (or I guess at age 50 it was purchased through self-earned income, hopefully) to secure some summer love. And ladies, if you plan on pursuing a similar endeavor once that foot hits the Southampton ground, checking out the 2011 Hamptons' Bachelor List is a must. But beware of the 'DayGer' or worse, a ShareHouse bust because you know we'll be covering it with pictures you wouldn't want on the Internet. Have fun! Be safe!

    I only speak to men with 8 bedroom estates in East Hampton. No thanks.