The world lost a landmark when the inspiration behind the West Egg house of Jay Gatsby, Beacon Towers, was demolished in 1940. The palatial property that played host to extravagant parties for guests including the Duke and Duchess of Windsor, Dorothy Parker, Groucho Marx and the Fitzgeralds was brought to the ground two short decades after its heyday. And this summer, we will loose yet another when the mansion fabled to have inspired Daisy Buchanan's home is torn down. Now that the Gilded Age of F. Scott Fitzgerald is back in the spotlight, we can't help noticing why Baz Luhrmann chose to shoot his rendition of "The Great Gatsby" in Australia. The Gold Coast of Long Island is no longer the glamorous dueling Eggs of Gatsby's world, as some of the famous mansions crumble to the ground.

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[Photo via Vanity Fair]