Hamptons (Haunted) House Of The Day

by KENDRA SEAY · June 17, 2009

    This Hamptons home is the creepiest we have come across yet, leaving us with chills at the sight of its abandoned state which is apparently the topic of a hearing next week to decide whether or not is should be torn down.  From the Southampton Village Review: "379 Captains Neck Lane LLC: Demolish existing house. Build new house and detached garage. The existing house, on the corner of Down East Lane, is not landmarked, is in a historic district, and was built after 1926 and therefore does not need special permission to be demolished."


    "It is a large white brick house in disrepair. The proposed house however is not too much better. John Laffey (local) is the architect. This is a prominent location and the design is large and lacks any character to say the least. I plan to go door to door on this one and beg for your participation." [Via]