Hamptons House Of The Day

by KATHERINE KAPNICK · June 14, 2010

    Absolute seclusion, rare wildlife, and 77 acres of beach front property make this Montauk manor one for the record books. -

    Do you cringe at the thought of lesser creatures (aside from the reptile kind) occupying the same sphere as you? Do you feel that the mere site of your magnificent mansion should be a privilege not enjoyed by just any Hamptons-going pleb? Is your quotidian address simply not sufficient to describe the glory of your hard-earned manor?  Then today's Hamptons House of the Day is for you!

    The Aristocratically titled "Tick Hall" is a traditional American style mansion located on a remote cliff in Montauk off Ditch Plains road. The area surrounding the historic residence was initially purchased in 1879 by a real-estate big who intended to convert the land into a private colony for his richest friends. Seriously.

    More recently, the house was owned by TV host Dick Cavett, who described his favorite memory at the house:

    "Sitting on the porch of the old place with Mr. Tennessee Williams, paying a surprise drop-in. It was the magical, quiet early evening time, and the great writer broke the silence with, "I just love sitting here on your gallery ... with the fireflies ... and that exquisite little slipper of a moon."

    The house is pretty much only visible to the public by air, or by the lucky elite spending time at the Eothen estate (previously co-owned by Andy Warhol and Paul Morrissey), from which Tick Hall can be seen on the horizon.

    In 2008, Cavett sold 77 acres of the oceanfront property to East Hampton Town, Suffolk County, and the State of New York for preservation.