If you're in the market for an East End rental but have outgrown your wild summer share days, fashion designer and rock star royalty Stella McCartney may just have the place for you. Needless to say, however, it'll cost you. 

After purchasing this tiny Napeague cottage last year for $1.5 million, McCartney and her husband, Alasdhair Willis, have listed the newly renovated hideaway for rent - at about $30,000 per month. Sure, the 1,350-square-foot home comes with secluded beach access and total privacy, but the 3-bedroom, 2-bath space is sparse to say the least. It's not exactly a surf shack, but it's also not some high-end Hamptons abode worthy of such a hefty price tag.

Then again, there is something to be said about that simple-chic lifestyle.

[Photos via Saunders]