John Steinbeck's Sag Harbor Fishing Cottage Is On The Market For A CRAZY Asking Price

by Christie Grimm · March 2, 2021

    Oh Hamptons real estate. Wonderfully scenic and offensively overpriced...

    The newest head scratcher of a Hamptons real estate price tag is a modest two bedroom, three bathroom Sag Harbor cottage once owned by literary icon John Steinbeck. 

    Sure the small home is on 1.8 acres of waterfront property, and sure it's technically got a pool and a hexagonal writing shed used by the Pulitzer Prize-winning novelist, and like, has central air conditioning - but the image of $17,900,000 it is most certainly not!

    In the book "Travels with Charley" (a delightful read which chronicles the author's cross country road trip with his poodle named - you guessed it - Charley), Steinbeck refers to his East End home as “my little fishing place." 

    Clearly he was under no illusions of grandeur when it came to this setup. But hey - I won't argue that there's definitely a premium to be paid for owning a piece of literary history. I just personally wouldn't put it at $15 million in this case..

    Perhaps most telling of all when it comes to the craziness of the asking price is the fact that the listing includes not one photo inside of the home. And like, I get it - privacy. But also, you know that place is an uncared for mess inside.

    All I'm saying is, if Jeff infinitely-deep-pockets Bezos bought this house for anywhere near as much as they're asking, you'd say he was a complete idiot. No? 

    And at this price point, you're almost guaranteed to get a wealthy buyer interested in building the place out and making it totally unrecognizable. Which would be pretty understandable considering who the fuck wants to pay $17.9 million for two bedrooms and a dock?! 

    So really, what's the actual cost of history here?

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