Summer Share House In Southampton Gets Busted

by Anna Lombardi · July 27, 2011

    I do not feel bad for the people of 2210 Noyac Road in Southampton. Clearly, they should have known that turning a six bedroom home into a party pad for 25 people would have probably not ended so well. I am pissed, however, that I will not have the chance to party there this summer since it all came to an abrupt end this weekend when the Town of Southampton investigated the home, and found it was an illegal share house.

    The transient rental home, which investigators said has been booked solid for the summer, has a certificate of occupancy for six legal bedrooms. However, 25 people were staying there, including in the basement which had been illegally converted to four additional bedrooms. A separate living area had also been created above the garage and at the time of the search, was occupied by two people not part of the larger group leasing the home for the weekend. [via]

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    Haha! The two people residing over the garage, and "not part of the larger group" kill me! They either stumbled into the time of their life, or ended up being on the getaway from hell.

    In addition to "numerous code complaints," these share house owners also violated code with the construction of a permit-less sand volleyball court - sounds like this group really knows what they are doing! The more I hear about it, the more I can't help but think that this home resembled something of a mix between Georgica Mondays and The Bentley's Looseworld...

    "Don't worry about the missing bottom half of your bathing suit, I am sure one of my roomies has an extra..."