The Hamptons: Unofficial Host Of After-Prom Parties 2011

by Maggie McGlinchy · June 2, 2011

    Recently, 27East reported "Prom Season Brings Wave Of Illegal Party Rentals", a laughable report on how appalled they were that underage drinking was happening in such abundance in these summer months. They went on for three pages about how these huge houses were holding 50-60 kids for an after-prom party weekend.

    [via 27East]

    Not only was 27East shocked that adults rented these homes to kids, but that parents allowed it and were often there "chaperoning." They included quotes from school board officials, Southampton police, and even stole some quotes from student's facebooks. This one is my favorite:

    “Um, basically we had the greatest time ever. We drank heavily, we had no deaths (almost one), no damages, I mean one small non-obvious hole and a s---load of memories.”

    F*ck ya you did. After prom parties are always the best, especially if you travel.  Of course it's always a complete shit show, but it was one of my favorite high school memories.

    Now I'm no econ expert, but I'm pretty sure this is a little something called supply and demand which works like this: high demand for a place to drink and party underage, with a low supply of places to do so, and you got yourself a fantastic business deal. So why wouldn't these Hampton's homeowners work with these kids? They have money signs practically written on their foreheads! As 27east reports:

    The financial temptation to take in the partying teens is substantial. According to rental brokers, a six- or seven-bedroom house will rent for as much as $5,000 to $7,000 for a single weekend in May or June. A Westhampton broker, who asked not to be named, said he has been contacted on more than one occasion by parents seeking to rent a house for their child and a group of friends for a weekend. Finding them a suitable listing is not difficult, he added.

    Um, obviously it's not difficult, you could've rented them a house that was falling apart, had no running water, and and shotty electric and they would've been psyched. They continued to go on about schools making lame efforts on trying to stop the after-prom rental trend. This has been happening for years, it's practically a long-standing tradition, what have they actually done to stop it? Nothing.

    So I say drink up, its After-Prom season 2011!

    Here's some of the brillant photography 27East stole from some student Facebooks:

    Not sure why this made the cut, but it's my personal favorite...

    Looks ccCCCccCcrrrRrRAAaAAzzZzzYyY!!!

    *Note the classic beer placement