Winning the title of 'Most Expensive Single-Family Home In The Hamptons' would be quite an accomplishment, save the fact that everything out there's crazy overpriced for the sake of status and social cache. Case in point... I mean, more than $8.1 billion worth of Hamptons homes have sold since this time last year. And honestly, considering the traffic out East alone, I'm confident in saying that every one of those buyers got taken for a ride.

But I digress. The lucky owner of 90 Jule Pond Drive in Southampton is now in contract to sell the 20,000 square-foot, 12- bedroom, 12-bathroom record-breaking home. Originally listed at $175 million, seller Brenda Earl has apparently settled for $145 million. Because really, it's all just made up numbers anyway, right?

Built back in 1960 for car-mogul Henry Ford's grandson, the 42-acre estate boasts the largest ocean frontage in the Hamptons at nearly a quarter mile. And while I'm happy to admit that the charming abode is definitely impressive, is it really $145 million impressive?

Decide for yourself - watch a tour below and click through for more of an inside look! Perhaps it'll look familiar. After all, it did very convincingly play the role of The Summer Palace on HBO's Succession. Finger's crossed they got rid of that dead raccoon smell.

[Photos via Sotheby's]