EMP Summer House Is Out, Paola’s Is In

by Christie Grimm · May 20, 2019

    It seems the place formerly known as Moby's is now also formerly known as EMP Summer House. What with the news back in January that Eleven Madison Park was set to open up their new London restaurant this summer, we had a good feeling the gourmet powerhouse would be giving up their second home out East. Even if Amex was paying the rent..

    And so, the iconic nightlife haunt slash manorly home over at 341 Pantigo Road in East Hampton was yet again in search of a tenant. And as of just two weeks ago, we had it on pretty reliable authority that no one was lined up. But in true Hamptons last minute style, it appears another New York city landmark has swooped in to scoop up the spot. 

    Paola’s, the Upper Upper East Side Italian restaurant that's been serving up the city's most discerning demo for over 30 years, is set to open by Memorial Day weekend, as reported by owner Stefano Marracino. With such a quick turnaround, let's be real - we're sure the interiors will be exactly as EMP left them (which is also exactly as Moby's left them - just saying...). 

    While their classic Northern Italian menu is expected to see a small Hamptons edit, incorporating more seafood options, we have to wonder - will the cool kids still show up? Will the feeling be more Nick & Toni's than Swallow East? Will they keep the corn hole and ping pong? Will they finally try to do something about all the bugs and mosquitos in the back lawn? Will they keep that little swing by the back bar that every girl at some point (after 3 Aperol Spritzes) makes her friend take nine Boomerangs of her on? Will they continue with the EMP practice of horrendously overpriced, underpoured glasses of wine?

    Time will tell. And we'll let you know.

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