Nello Summertimes Kicks Off Another Year Of Overpriced Cocktails And Oversized Boobs

by guestofaguest · June 4, 2010

    [Photos via Rob Rich] Nello Summertimes has a reputation for cocktails that cost as much as the breasts pictured here, and, like every other establishment on the East End this weekend, they celebrated the start of summer with a big season-opener event.

    But unlike the grungey twenty-something scene at MYC or the perfectly proper family affair at the Hamptons Magazine estate, this crowd seems very much all-ages appropriate.  But to be honest, with all the work they've had done, we're not sure we could tell one way or the other anyway. Though we will point out the cocktail menu isn't quite as steep as in previous years, the place is still running rampant with Hamptons cliches: socialites, gawkers, and a couple of bros with hoards of Heidi Montag-esque boobiedolls on their arms.  But cliches aside, the spot is still a Southampton staple and certainly a sight to been seen at least once during a Hamptons summer.

    Natalie Gaubreau, Tim George Jr., Nello Balan