Is 'Stranger Things' Based On A True Story Stemmed In Montauk?

by Stephanie Maida · November 2, 2017

    Netflix's breakout hit about interdimensional travel, strange creatures, and human science experiments gone awry is definitely an epic work of science fiction, but could it contain a tinge of truth?

    According to a video produced by the New York Post, Stranger Things' original title was "Project Montauk," a reference to real-life rumors surrounding top-secret experiments conducted at Camp Hero. Local lore about the frightening and illegal goings-on began circulating in the 1980s - the same era Mike and Eleven are running around in. The allegedly true stories feature nazi scientists recruited by the American government after World War II, who conducted lab tests involving mind-control, time travel, and advanced weaponry.

    So is your favorite summertime hang home to demogorgons? Probably not, but this is cooler than any conspiracy theory Alex Jones is spurting. Watch the fascinating video below and decide for yourself.