I know, I know. I'm late to the game here, but there is just SO much quality TV to catch up on! In any case, yes, I've finally been watching HBO's billionaire family drama Succession, which I find to be kind of like Gossip Girl if everyone had had a lot more money, an MBA, and less guilt about stabbing their loved ones in the back. Or maybe it's just because, like Gossip Girl, Succession is filmed around New York City and every time it's on I get distracted by the location and say, "Hey, I know that place!"

While, unfortunately, it doesn't seem like the "exclusive pop-up" serving illegal ortolan in Season 1 is a real place, plenty of the other Roy family haunts certainly are. As we kick off the final season of the show, click through for a look at all the swanky - and surprising - New York filming locations.

[Photo via HBO]