The Gossip Girl Reboot Has Been Cancelled... & You Obviously Don't Care Because It Was The Worst

by Guest of A Guest · January 19, 2023

    Short of that one little moment in Season 1 Episode 4 where Tavi Gevinson's character mentions Guest of a Guest, the Gossip Girl reboot was a total disaster.

    The plot lines, the writing, the outfits.

    It's crazy to think of how much money HBO spent to get it so wrong, and then for them to turn around and throw even more cash at it for a second season that absolutely nobody asked for?!

    But all bad things must come to an end eventually it seems, with the network announcing today that it has finally put the kibosh on the show.

    News of this cancellation have you jonesing for NYC society shows to binge?

    Well lucky for you we've already got a list handy!


    [Photo via HBO Max]