Eavesdropping In: A Party House In East Hampton Is Busted, Ferrari's Make The Ride Out East A Pleasant Experience

by Dena Silver · July 6, 2012

    -It's one thing to break into P Diddy's house, but it's on a whole different level when you crack open his liquor, light up his cigars and lounge in his bed [TheWashingtonPost]

    -The ride from Manhattan to Shelter Island is in fact greatly improved when you're riding in a Ferrari FF [Forbes]

    -A teen party house, with some of the most absurd rules, was busted in East Hampton after one too many post-prom ragers [EastHamptonStar]

    -It's that time of year again: Charity Event Season. Prepare yourself people, it's bound to be a busy one [CurbedHamptons]

    -Five pretty spots to enjoy a well made cocktail with a water view [DansHamptons]

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