Eavesdropping In: Sarah Palin Going To Be A Grandmother Again, Kim Kardashian Sues Old Navy Over Look Alike, And The Atlantis Returns Safely

by Chelsea Burcz · July 21, 2011

    Sarah Palin is going to be a grandmother again, her eldest son's recent wife is expecting at age of 21. [Gawker]

    Katy Perry gets 9 VMA nominations, beating out musical artists such as Kanye West and Adele. [People]

    The Atlantis returned this morning safely in Florida, marking the end of an era in space exploration. [CNET]

    Kim Kardashian is pissed Old Navy used her look alike, and is now suing them. [NYD]

    Kate Middleton spruces up Kensington Palace With $1,500 in air fresheners. [GofG]