Eavesdropping In: There's No Better Time To Drink A Local Beer, Alec Baldwin Has Basically Screwed Himself Over

by Dena Silver · July 20, 2012

    -Governor Andrew Cuomo only comes out to the Hamptons to see his family, not for the scene. Although he did meet his girlfriend "on the scene" just last year [NYTimes]

    -Looks like Alec Baldwin has bit himself in the ass by joining a group that is devoted to denying other private property rights that he demands himself, just like his little wind turbine situation [NYPost]

    -As if you needed another reason to drink good beer, a new state regulation favors small-batch breweries, like the Southampton Publick House and Montauk Brewing Company, making it more affordable for them to operate [EastHamptonPatch]

    -Get some history on Bridgehampton Polo before heading out to the "reinvented" match tomorrow [HamptonsMagazine]

    -Ever wonder what it's like to be behind the retail counter in the Hamptons? Here's what the most miserable day would turn out to be like [EastHamptonStar]

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