By now we all know just how dramatic some Rich Kids of Instagram can be when their luxury "private island" music festival escape turns out to be some twisted social experiment akin to The Hunger Games. Well, that and a total scam, according to the $100 million class-action lawsuit brought upon the organizers on Sunday. But while "refugee camp-like conditions" and the horrors of feral dogs and cheese sandwiches may have taught these hopeful concertgoers never to trust a model or Ja Rule again, not everyone trapped in the Bahamas for the weekend had a terrible time. We mean, they were still in the Bahamas. As a testament to the boozy lemonade these misled revelers were able to make out of lemons, some users shared possibly the funniest (and most fun-looking) firsthand accounts of the Fyre Festival Fail on social media. Click through for the saga.

[Photo via @maria__corrigan]