Jersey Chore: "The Situation" Gets A Twitter Account

by BILLY GRAY · December 14, 2009

    Do you want to join a revolution still in its infancy? Jersey Shore's Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino launched a Twitter account just last week. And like everything else having to do with MTV's latest neo-realist triumph, it can't be missed.

    It started on the morning of December 10, when The Situation wrote "I am da real Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino, ne1 who sez otherwise betta watch out."[Sic] ad nauseum, btw.

    Since then, we've enjoyed some meta-criticism ("watch da show 2nite, its gonna be crazy"), sage life advice ("ALWAYS go with yr 1st instinct"), polite interview refusals ("i dont take questions from broads that disrispect theyre families by actin like u do, ur 1 trashy mom"), and friendly TV scheduling reminders ("in case u missed it me and the crew hosted da video game awards on spike last nite -")

    As with every Twitter account, there are the usual fascinating insights into the user's personal life ("gettin my drank on, the situation is back in 5 mins"). But too few tweeters try their hand at poetry ("halfassd hoes got 2 go") or offer such perceptive analyses of modern celebrity culture ("its true bro, life is tuff at da top cuz every1 is jealous of the succes").

    I even think I spot a wrapped in a haiku ("ur a hater, dont be jealous while u sit in yr parents basement").

    Enjoy, all. It's so real, you can practically smell the Drakkar Noir.