Snooki Slaps Fan Three Times In South Beach Bar Fight

by LIZ JENEAULT · April 27, 2010

    While filming Jersey Shore with best-buddy "JWOWW," Snooki took matters in her own hands...For as a crazed fan approached her at Ocean's 10 bar in South Beach, she FREAKED out--check out a video of the fight, below.


    What caused Snooki's immense aggression?! Alcohol, that is! And we don't just mean intoxication--Snooki was LIVID her drink was stolen (we would be to). It seems as if men just wont leave Snickers alone. And as her drink was taken, she got pissed. Thankfully, though, onlooker Fred Hernandez witnessed the entire battle:

    “She was in a good mood, but this particular guy was obviously interested and she wasn’t...She told him, ‘Don’t f--- with me’ so he snatched her drink and walked off. He returned to his table and told a friend, the man in the green T-shirt, who then came over and mouthed off to Snooki. I guess he provoked her by wanting an apology and she flipped out."

    Instead of snatching her drink back, Snooki made a more assertive move. For after slapping the "green T-shirt" man three times, she threw her drink AND food at the man. The "green T-shirt" guy, entirely pissed at the guidette's actions, threw a drink right back at Snickers (we hope her poof wasn't flattened).

    Bar fight number two?! We thought you were classier than that Snooki!

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