"The Situation" Has A Rap Song, Aptly Titled "The Situation"

by CATHY LEVETT · June 15, 2010

    Get ready to fist pump to "Jersey Shore's", Mike "The Situation's" newest rap song, "The Situation"! The single was released today and for those who can't wait to hear it, you can purchase it on iTunes. It's easy to find: it's the one called "The Situation."-



    After listening to a blip of "The Situation", I'm not even sure if he's the one rapping; if that's what you call rapping. With the distracting noise of sirens, it was hard to even make out what he was rhyming. From what I could make of the lyrics, I caught "Woah... The Situation" on repeat as well as:

    "Gucci, Prada, Christian Dior, LAX and Jersey Shore!"

    Rapper wannabe                                                          A real rapper

    I mean, I guess he deserves a little credit for breaking free from the title of reality TV star. Just because you are on TV, doesn't mean that you can spit a beat. You may have the physique, but you don't have the rapper mystique.

    This is another possible reason why Joe Sorrentino is denying that he is related to The Situation.

    [Photos from Chateau Motel and Members Tripod]