Photo Of The Day: Is Banksy Trying To Tell Us Something?

by SARAH MANDATO · October 1, 2009

    [Photo by Jeremy Gibbs, via].

    We like to check in with Banksy every so often. We're pretty sure the Brit has an inner New Yorker, which is why he stops into town every now and again. Between the pet shops, Keszler stops in Southampton and Houston Street murals; we're hooked. The timing for one of the artist's reality doses seems especially appropriate, now that we are in a grey zone somewhere between bottle service blow outs and thrift obsession, since supposedly the recession is over. Well, we won't be presumptuous and tell you what we think this recent London work means, but take a moment to think about what comes next after our economic dark period. Eat the rich? Sure... Below, see another New York example of Banksy's brilliance, just a taste of the amazing things we've enjoyed from this creative genius.