At Home With London's Richest Socialite

by Christie Grimm · November 13, 2017

    Tamara Ecclestone may not exactly ring a bell, but trust us, hers is a name worth knowing. For all you Keeping Up and Real Housewives fans who find themselves wrapped up in the curiously dramatic, perfectly plastic lives of society's well(ish) to do, this billionaire heiress has got the show of all shows to fill your late night guilty pleasure viewing habits.

    While it's always been her sister - Petra - who's taken the spotlight, Tamara is ready for her fair share. Her new ITV documentary, Tamara's World, is sure to be a hit. Literally nothing interesting or entertaining could happen and people would still tune in just to see where and how she lives. 

    You see, her lavish, posh West London dream home, worth a casual £70 million, is basically a modern day Downton Abbey. With over 50 staff members fluffing and dusting and tidying about, Tamara, her husband Jay Rutland and their daughter Sophia are outnumbered, to say the least.

    Watch, and let the envy wash over you.

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